Loom Knitting Ideas and how-to's

by Abbie

Hi I'm a person an who LOVES to loom and it was hard when I started so I am going to give some ideas to look up and create and tell you how to do an easy beanie/winter hat.

The supplies you will be listed below!

1 circle loom
1 balls of regular/thick yarn (any color)
1 hook (optional)
1 plastic needle
Patience is needed too. This hat will take longer than you think so make sure you have a little bit of patience.

Ok so if you have all your supplies and a work area than we can get started!

First, create a slip knot with yarn and put it on the only side peg and if you do not know how to create a slip knot tie it on. After slip knot or you tied it on take yarn and wrap around peg once with the pattern of back-front. Once you have gone around the loom once go around again (Note that you only go around twice the first time). When done with that you should have two strands yarn of each peg. At this time you can use your hook or hands. Take hook and grab bottom one and loop over do it again until you have gone around once. The wrap pegs again with yarn and do again with hook. do about 13-20 layers for a small child or a baby, 30-45 layers for an adult or teenager. Then take yarn and cut it about 6 inches then slide yarn through plastic needle and ,like you did with the hook, reach under the only layer and slide it through take it off and continue though loom take off hat and pull yarn to close stitch a little at the top to keep it together and there is your beautiful hat!

Idea's to look up are listed below for more fun!

Flowers (to put on headband or hats)
The Envelope hat
Water bottle holder
Baby Booties
Leg warmers (Your welcome 80'ser)
Sweat bands
Phone case/holder
Tablet case/holder

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