Loom Knitting: Not Just for Yarn

by Kim N. Conover
(Germania, NJ USA)

I posted recently about a rag rug I made on a homemade loom. It was only the second loom knit project I ever did and I love how thick and chunky it is. Right around the time I worked on it, I had seen an afghan on Pinterest made with super chunky yarn- and I'm talking SUPER chunky- yarn. I wanted to make one so badly but after pricing out the yarn, I realized it wasn't possible. Not one to give up easily, I started thinking of an alternative. With the rag rug project successfully completed, the lightbulb flashed over my head and I hit the remnant basket at Joannes with random pieces of fleece. Already marked 50% off, I got there on a day when they were an additional 50% off. I bought several pieces, mixed colors- and went back several times over a couple of months and bought more remnants in the same few colors. I cut the fleece into

1/2" and 3/4" strips and sewed them end to end. This was easier than it sounds but I have since purchased a rotary cutter to avoid another callous from the scizzors. I won't lie- I unraveled almost the entire project in sections at least once- a few, twice. I learned a lot from my mistakes and as hard as I've tried to keep track, I'm not 100% positive how much fleece I used, but I'm pretty sure I spent no more than $25 for all of it. It worked up quickly even with all the unraveling. I have no doubt I will make another fleece afghan-or two.... I have a couple friends that said they absolutely loved it...maybe birthday gifts?

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Sep 28, 2015
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