Loom Knitting Questions

by Shinebo

I just started loom knitting (and have not knitted with needles), and have successfully made 2 hats and a scarf. I would like to try some harder things but am having trouble understanding some of the patterns. I do have the Loom Knitting Primer, but can't find answers for my questions below.

Question #1: One pattern calls for a loom with a peg number multiple of 8 + 2. What does this mean?

Question #2: A pattern I like is for a poncho for a child. It shows a conversion chart to make adult ponchos. But for the small child you cast on 22 stitches. The panel is 21 in. in length and 10.5 in. in width. The adult panel is supposed to be 31 in. in length and 15.5 inches in width. I can figure out how to make the panel longer but not wider. My biggest loom has 41 pegs (yellow knifty knitter) so do I need a bigger loom? How do I know how many stitches to cast on?

Question #3: I have seen patterns where they say I need to cast on 60 stitches. Does that require a really big loom? I didn't know they came any bigger then the one I have.



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Jun 25, 2011
they come in all sizes
by: Anonymous

yes, there are different manufactures and they come in all sizes.

the important thing is 'pegs per inch' because that determines the tightness. the closer the pegs are the more tight it will be the less 'openness'.

openness is good for some summer attire and appliques for clothing, so it's not a loss.

however just make panels for larger projects
in your case state 60 stitches max?

then would make 3 panels of 20 stitches (no need to go out and for more stitches)

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