loom sizes for large heads

by janet
(sterling, illinois)

My sons have extra large heads. both have hat sizes above size 8. the closest size loom to their head diameters is the 9.5 inch loom. However that only has an 8 inch inside diameter. which is too small for their heads. the 11 inch size is too big. is their any loom with a 9.5 inside diameter?

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Jan 03, 2017
Quick note NEW
by: Kris

I'm late, but just in case you are still looking for answers, I wanted to clarify something. The size of the loom bears little relation to the size of the final project. It's very much in the stitch. So a person with an 8" head would not automatically need an 8" loom. (Same idea with socks.)

For example, I have an average head. I'm doing a hat right now on the KB All-in-one loom. (It's simple to find that one on Google or in the craft stores, so you can see how big it is. I think it's 18".) I'm using 100 pegs, which is almost the entire loom, and it looks huge. But I'm doing cables, so as the hat comes down off the pegs, it shrinks "side to side", but not up and down, and makes a fabric that fits my head. An ewrap or knit hat on the same number of pegs would probably only fit a beast.

Nov 21, 2016
loom sizes for large head NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Hi there,

This is what I have done for large sizes/heads/hats.

I am speaking from the reference/viewpoint of the Knifty knitter circle looms. I never measured the insides, but the green 36 peg loom fits most adults, and the next loom up is to big! (the yellow - 41 pegs). You can check the measurements of all looms/comparison on Loom-a-hat, it has all the loom sizes. (http://www.loomahat.com/loom-size/)

Now, you haven't mentioned what stitches you are using - (different stitches, different width/gauges, etc/) I find that the 36 peg KK loom, all in ewrap, WILL fit the larger heads - because the yarn stretches. (You just need to knit them longer, to get the same coverage to compensate for the expanded width.)
However, check this out:

The 41 peg yellow loom is too big. However, if you experiment with the combo of ewrap, AND say, a flat knit stitch, (tighter less width), you can actually adjust the final width of the hat, Tighten/make smaller, the width, as it were. It's all about the stitches, (and yes swathes!)

My german friend with a head and hair like a lion, can wear the straight 36 peg green KK) if it is all ewrap, finished with the superstretchy stitch.

But he can also wear the 41 peg, (thicker, more coverage and ease,) if I alternate every 5/6 pegs with one or two of a flat stitch.

Takes the diameter down -

Be sure you know, (on loomahat,) what your loom's center to center peg gauge is, for comparison! This makes a big difference, as different circle looms have 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch. 3/8 inch, etc, spacing.
I would suggest making a (dreaded, lol!)) swathe (4x4 inches) so that you know your general measurements that you will get with different stitch combos. Kristen has a ton of vids and tutes on this, lots on you tube -

I also invite to get to Facebook, search loom groups, as there are several, and get caught up in mad happy interactive loomers and looming, any questions, photos, projects, etc. 2 off the top of my head, are GoodKnit Kisses, (kristen also has own website,) and Knifty knitter loom group. There are several, and many of us belong to all of them!

Hope this helps! Jen

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