Looming a hat for a 7 year old.

Thanks for helping me. I am trying to figure out how to make a hat for a 7 year old using double yarn on the loom. I bought it at Walmart and have made a hat on the blue and the orange looms. The blue is to small and the orange is to big. Thanks so much.

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Dec 07, 2011
Identical problem--finding the right size loom to make a hat for a 7 year old NEW
by: Looped

I made a hat on the red (7 inch) loom for my 7 year old niece. The brim stitches spread apart so her hair was visible. With stretching & wear, will it stretch to fit? I didn't realize that the green (9 inch) was intended for children, and I still don't know what AGE child (?) so I began another hat on the same loom, but stitched more loosely. I tried the first hat on her 3 year old brother, who wants the same color hat as his sister, and it fit nicely around the brim (but you could argue that it's a little too long! (This sounds like Goldilocks in a quandary over hats instead of beds!)

So here is the question. Do I finish the new hat with the looser stitching to a good length for the 3 year old (going with the assumption that this won't solve the size issue for the 7 year old)? And then knit yet another hat, this time on the green loom, for the 7 year old (with the risk of it being too big, plus risking that the looser stitched brim will be to big for her brother?) Or finish the looser brim hat with a length appropriate for the sister and pray the brim works out? I have lots more knitting to finish by Xmas & want to salvage at least ONE of the hats I've done!

I know the above is long & confusing! Thank you to everyone who takes the time to puzzle their way through it and offer suggestions!

Dec 07, 2011
About Facebook group NEW
by: Looped

@Jen (or Jan ?). Thanks for sharing other sources for looming help :) I just found this page, but you can never have too many resources! I'm not a techno whizz: I usually visit Facebook and site like this one on my iPhone. I couldn't find a group search bar offered in my FB app, so I logged in through the web and found the Knifty Knitter group. I hit the "ask to join" button to be accepted onto the site. Does it take long to be accepted, & do you think I'll be able to access it through my usual iPhone app button? Sorry for the technical question, everyone!

Dec 07, 2011
It didn't seem like question answered NEW
by: Tami

I ordered a loom from the CinD looms link I found on this site and it is an 8 inch loom sized for a kid hat. I don't have it yet but talked to the owner and I think it is what I was looking for.

Nov 21, 2011
hats for 7 yr old using double yarn ... NEW
by: Jammer

Hi there!!

Your question caught my attention because I also enjoy making knitted hats (on the looms) for kids too & so I wanted to send you some advice & inspiration to finish your project ... then you'll make a hundred more!! *wink*

Ok, using 2, or even 3 strands is pretty easy (you just ne to hold all strands together as if it were 1 strand), it works really well, and makes your project go by twice as fast! The thing I've found to help me most with not getting the rows mixed up, I always make sure I push the finished row down as far as I can & then I try hard to wrap the next row at the very top of my peg - trying to leave a visible space in between the 2 rows. Give it a try! I think you'll really like this technique.

What I've also done before is mixed different types of yarns (Like eyelash yarn & chunky yarn & maybe even a strand of just plain 'ole cheapy regular yarn - all in similar color pallets or even completely opposite colors works awesome too! Just try it out - if it goes bad, all you have to do is just pull it out and try again! You wont get too far before you know if it's going to work or not. So, no biggie! And it has the potential to be really awesome too, so never give up trying! You can do so many different things & the end result is so cool & a great sense of accomplishment!

At the top of your hat you can also add a pom-pom - kids love these things & they're really easy to make. Heck, you could show your 7 yr old how to make them & use it on the hat you made! How proud would that make ya both feel?! You could also show her/him how to knit their own project. I showed my 8 yr old niece how to loom knit last yr and she loves it! In fact, riglht now she's working on a pink & white hat for herself & is using 2 strands of different yarns. I'm excited to see what it looks like when she finishes!

I hope this has helped you some! I started with hats & so I understand how it can seem intimidating - but there's tons of resources out there (YouTube, Google "knitting loom patterns" or whatever you may want to know about, blogs, etc) if you should ever need it. So keep knitting and eventually you'll have made a hat for everyone in your family!!

Happy knitting!!

Nov 13, 2011
4looms NEW
by: Anonymous

did you try red? if not get it. your pack should have include 4 looms - blue, red, green and yellow

Nov 10, 2011
Looming a hat + MORE!
by: Jen Tavernier

Just thought I would let you know:

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Hope to see you!

Jen Tavernier

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