Looms, Looms and more Looms

by Marsha Mason
(West Columbia, SC, USA)

The first time I ever used a loom was when I was a kid and my family took a wooden thread spool and hammered four nails into one side of it and we learned to make snakes with yarn. Then when I went to work in special education as an assistant to the instructor, in Kansas, I ran across a knitting spool that was actually made with a pop bottle that had one end cut off and slot were cut on that end to wrap your yarn around and allowed to drop through the neck of the pop bottle, I taught some of the kids how to use these as well. I have been using the Knifty Knitter round looms for about 2 years now and really like them. I have also tried the longer looms by the same company, I'm not as comfortable with them as the round one, but I am still trying. I have a long wooden one with small nails that are hammered very carefully in, that my father made for my mother about 30 some odd years ago that is fairly easy to use because he allowed a little more space in the mid section for the fabric to drop through that what the ones from ProvoCraft allow. I am also working with a Serenity Loom, making a cover for a friend of mine from church. That loom is quite intimidating and definitely not for the faint of heart if you know what I mean. I bought my Provo looms from Walmart because they were the cheapest, the Serenity Loom from Hobby Lobby and the Longer Provo Looms from Hobby Lobby as well, I work part-time and got a discount on them. I am also the guinea pig on the Serenity Loom because everyone is intimidated by it. If anyone else want to swap stories about any of these looms I'd love to hear them.

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