Loose selvage.

by Vic

How do I tighten up my selvage, the one on the side opposite from the beginning side in double weave on a rectangular loom.

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Jan 25, 2018
Problem solved, I think! NEW
by: Vic

So, I’ve been using basic stockinette stitch and that has been where the problem of the loose selvage was plaguing me. I began experimenting with knitting the stitches in different order. What finally has worked is knitting over in the order in which I have wrapped the yarn. So, I wrap peg 1A down to 2B up to 3A down to 4B up to 5A down to 6B and so on until I turn around and wrap back on the pegs that were just skipped. Then, when I knit I start with the last peg wrapped, which is 2A, next one 1B, next 2C, etc. Does this make sense as I have written it? I am new to any kind of knitting so don’t really have the lingo down, but if you understand what I have described, let me tell you , it is working!! The selvages are nice and tight on both sides!

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