loose stitches

I am new to looming. It doesn't matter what stitch I try they are always super loose. Any suggestions?

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Sep 16, 2015
too loose stitches NEW
by: jen

Hi there,

I don't know which loom you have, (the gauge), but on the ones that are the plastic/nylon rounds, are you using the correct width of yarn? Ususally on those, one doubles the yarn (#4, and even some #5 weights.) I strand will not do it, it will be loose and "hole-y)

Also, it could be your tension, (how tightly or loosely you wrap.) - and that will improve/get tighter, as you become more familiar with your loom and working style.

You can also go to facebook, and search "looming groups". There are several! All Good! A like minded interactive forum for any help, questions, photos of projects, (all skill levels,) and tons of great tips and resources.

There is a whole loom community, and most of us are in all the groups, because we are all loom crazy! -

Hope this helps!

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