Making the Stitches Tighter?

by Kaitlin Pace

I am just learning how to knit hats with a loom but I find the gaps between each stitch...from peg to peg is quite large. How do you reduce the distance between the stitches? HELP?!

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Nov 06, 2011
by: summer

I have read several of the questions....and some answered with an invitation to join the facebook group....I am new to the knfty knitter looms and would love to join the facebook group. I tried to search it and cannot find u guys......can someone help?

Oct 27, 2011
Making the Stitches Tighter?
by: Jen Tavernier

Hello there!

Once beginning looming, with an e-wrap stitch, you soon find that the gauge can be closed by using 2 strands of reg (#4) yarn, or a chunky/bulky (#5 or 6) yarn. BUT!

The knifty knitter looms (circular), and now the Boye looms, are a wider "gauge" (more space between pegs.) there are different gauge looms, But! there are also different and smaller stitches that will tighten up also -

Please come join us on Facebook!
Please come join us on facebook, open group, at
knifty knitter/loom creations

there are close to 500 of us at all levels who love our round looms, and other looms too! Any help needed is available, questions, videos, tutorials, photos of projects, etc - Great people, great loomers, interactive !

Hope to see you there! You are on a total adventure. I have been looming about a year, and am totally addicted to this! AND - there are also tons of books and websites popping up about looming.

Hope you come see us!

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