Just bought my first set of looms, it had 4 different sizes looms in the package. I want to make adult hats. How do I know witch sizes to use?

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Oct 26, 2016
which loom? Loom sets NEW
by: jen

Hi Martie!

Some loom sets (4?) are slightly different, but don't know which brand you have.

2 suggestions:

If there is a 36 peg round loom, that will cover all adults, except those with larger heads - (that would be like a 41 peg loom. (round).

12 peg, can make children's slippers and fingerless mits, and mittens, or small adult wristlets, mittens, slippers (up through size 6 women's).

I have used the 36 peg exclusively pretty much, for adult hats, works perfect. (I am basing things on the original Knifty Knitter Round Looms, but very similar to Boye and Darice, and Michel's brand.)
36 peg also does adult and teens neckwarmers - in the round, (can pull over head,), and once you get flat panel down, (not connected in a circle,) you can also find it a great size for scarves/(width.)

If you have the bloom loom, (2 sides small, the small end (1 strand #4) makes incredible barbie leggings, and the larger end (8), makes great doll-sized clothes. I use the bloom loom also to make thumbs for fingerless mitts, perfect size if you want thumbs!)

I would urge you to go to Facebook, and search Looms Groups. There are several, and Goodknit kisses is a great one, also Knifty Knitter loom Group, for starters. Lots of interaction, pics, projects, questions, tips, etc. Looming Loving people! There are several, and they are all good. You will need to request to join, but it opens a whole new world! (plus if you are into sweaters, afghans, baby blankets,bonnets and cuddlers, booties, slippers, etc, etc, it's all there. Hope this helps, I belong to all of them! (lots of us do!) And Don't Forget Youtube! Tons of vids!!!

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