Mitten loom

by Cathy Daly
(New London, Ohio)

I am desperately searching for the purple mitten loom instructions. I have the loom set, but have not used it in years and lost the instructions. Help!

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Jan 25, 2017
mitten loom (purple in the attic?) NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

I love my mitten loom! Got Ages ago.)

I don't recall many instructs with it,just ike a regular loom with all the same stitches.

I figured my own out.

Also, it is a perfect size for adult slipper sox up to sze 10 women, (Size 8 men), Is killer for fingerless mitts, large teen thru adult.

I don't use the thumb(little loom) with it if you are making thumbs - I prefer the KK (Boye, if that is what you have,) Bloom loom.

Use the larger end, and you only need one strand of # 4. Measure length by eye, but you will need to stitch it in (flat panel for thumb hole.) You eill get the hang of it easily.

Jen - also go to FB, search loom groups, and join them! There are several,and they are all great for questions and interactions, pics, etc. Hope this helps, and don't forget you tube!

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