My first ever knitting project

by Jenny Tippin
(Wiltshire, United Kingdom)

So was persuaded by my mum to get a round loom and try to knit hand warmers (I'm allergic to wool). I bought one and after trying many many times to get the thing started I finally managed to get it going. I started with an e-loop knit and carried on with a one-over-one stitch. I continued with this until I had enough to cover my palm and then attempted to make the thumb hole... Again this took several attempts, my first attempt (left glove) didn't work so well, the second glove worked better, but I don't really know how...

After making the thumb hole I continued with a one-over-two stitch for about 2.5 inches, then an inch of one-over-one, then finished with a one-over-two section also about 2.5 inches. Then to cast off I did a Flat bind off.

As a first ever project in the realms of knitting it was probably a bit ambitious but now I seem to be having more trouble trying to do a scarf!!

Forgive me if I get terms wrong... it's all new to me :)

(I used this website for ideas on knitting hand warmers:

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Mar 23, 2013
1st ever knitting project - MORE! NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

First off, total congratualations. I wanted mitts more than anything, so I to tried to figure them out way before there were many vids or crazy loomie communities. And I have been participating and watching all the wonderful things that have come out of it!

Check these links out: They will be megafun and helpful, interactive, and the vids are always helpful! There are so many things we can do now. You will find scarves and hats, and everything else on your journey to be a breeze!

One thing (stitch _ bind of/cast off, you should learn,asap, for ease and stretch. It is called the superstretchy bind-off, an dit is wonderful for in the round things. If you go to the groups, just look under the "file" section - you will see it. Saved my life. and wish I had known it from the start. Also, be sure to check out the Photos, for loomy lusciousness/Inspiration!

This is Kristen's loomknit club.Totally amazing! very interactive, 24 hours, lots of help and great people from total beginners to masters - very cozy and fun!
This is Kristen's youtube channel. She makes amazing videos, most on the KKs, but also Martha Stewart loom, etc. Tons of how-tos, and she has an amazing stitch (vid) directory, Starts at the beginning KKs round and longloom, and then goes way beyond, all in full color!It is loomilicious! Tons of patterns also! - Excellant explanetary and seeable vids - makes it a point to go slow, and in depth.
this site belongs to Bethany Dailey - tons of free patterns and all things loomy! She also has a yahoo group that has some amazing things in it! Please check it out. She is on the FB loom group all the time, and responds quickly!

This is the famous Mikey Selick of youtube loom/yarn/fiber fame - he has his own totally cool thing going on. Great friends with Kristen
It is a facebook group join)

And Here is Virginia - Simply Intertwined - homey, makes great vids,
If you plug in Simply Intertwined on youtube search, there is a host of videos.

This is last a great and friendly one. There are a whole lot of loom groups/yarn, on FB. This is one of the originals, and still going strong! They are all splendid, so find the right one for you!

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