not enough sizes

by Annabell

I started crocheting hats for hats of love when I was asked to teach a class on crochet, and stayed with the local group until the switched to making lap robes. I work in the car and waiting rooms and lap robes were too large and awkward for that so I left the group. My hands were also getting too bad with arthritis to handle the crochet hooks, and I remembered the round loom my grandmother used when I was a young child I'm 80 now and yes, they have been around that long. I found a set at Hobby Lobby and tried them. They are much easier to use although I did get a latch hook with a large rubber handle, which my husband modified with a hook after removing the original latch hook end. Then I started wondering what to do with the hats so I contacted the local cancer center and they were glad to take all I could make. I made some with the regular brim until the admin. of the chemo center called asking for something lighter and long enough to roll up for a beanie, but that could be unrolled down over their ears for sleeping. Then when talking to people I learned that the large yellow ring was just too large and the next smaller size was a little tight [I never realized that their heads were just so very sensitive. I had one made that was in between the two sizes that worked just perfectly. What would be nice if there was one that was available for anyone in more sizes it isn't everyone who has a son that is an engineer with a large machine shop.

The picture is the love of my life and the reason I don't knit in the house.

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Aug 15, 2011
not enough sizes
by: Jen

I love your Furball! Mine says hello!

If you are ever by Facebook, check out knifty knitter loom creations - we would love to have you.

Now, re size - (and depending on what stitch you are using, since that changes the quage, knit stitch, e-wrap, and now there are ten more "knitting" stitches that have just come out (book) on the loom - bobbles, etc)

There is a new loom that might fit your needs - We call it the Martha - (Martha Stuart) But it is adjustable, and is getting really great reviews, as you can put just about any size and shape ( circle, square, oval) and can get those inbetween sizes -

HSN+Martha Stuart loom

lionbrand will also be carrying it - but the price may be different. I can't afford it yet, but everything I am doing seems to be too many or two few pegs -

I wouldn't have thought about the sesitivity factor - would ear flaps work?

Hope you can join us - I know they would love what you are doing!

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