Only company that makes an adult hat loom

by Jessie
(WA State, USA)

Even though I mostly use the In The Attic round looms, I live Knifty Knitters adult hat loom. Its purple in color and sized just a little bit wider than their green loom, making it the perfect size for adult hats. I have several adult hats on this loom and have not had the pegs break or wear out. Plus, this adult hat loom is very easy to use, just like any round loom, and can be used for other projects.

A friend of mine used this sized loom for a tote bag. Unfortunatley, ProvoCraft stopped making the Knifty Knitter round and long looms, but Boye has taken over this market and according to what a rep told me, they will soon come out with the adult hat loom for their line of round/long looms.

You can find this loom, though on and Ebay. I definetly recommend it if you are wanting to make lots of adult knitted hats or round drawstring tote bags.

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Nov 12, 2013
Large KK purple Hat is findable still! NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Hi Jessie,

Check these links out for outrageous fun, and connections. I will neverby Boye - the products are not to my liking and are very flimsy. Love my KKs! But there are even more cool things on the market - come join us!

11//12/13 - Here's some very cool links -
( There is also a vibrant yarn swap&sell group on FB -)
First off, this is a 24 hour a day (and night) interactive looming crazy site, free, with photos, patterns docs, tutorials, videos,

and over 1000+ crazy loomers who love to share and help! We talk back and forth all the time - same page -(facebook group


This is Kristen's goodknitkisses/ loomknit club.Totally amazing! very interactive, 24 hours, lots of help and great people from

total beginners to masters - very cozy and fun!
This is Kristen's youtube channel. She makes amazing videos, most on the KKs, but also Martha Stewart loom, etc. from

kks to the newest Knitting board looms. Tons of how-tos, and she has an amazing stitch (vid) directory, Starts at the

beginning KKs round and longloom, and then goes way beyond, all in full color!It is loomilicious! Tons of patterns also! -

Excellant explanetary and seeable vids - makes it a point to go slow, and in depth.

And Virginia's - All Great Vids/youtube (and there is a directory, also) Easy to use
or - Simply Intertwined - homey, makes great vids,
If you plug in Simply Intertwined on youtube search, there is a host of videos.

This is last a great and friendly one. There are a whole lot of loom groups/yarn, on FB. This is one of the originals, and still

going strong! They are all splendid, so find the right one for you!

Facebook: Loomalong group - September 13
You will need to request to join, but currently we just did EZ fingerless mitts, Currently the Clapotis shawl, and next month,

a totally amazing hooded cowl!

THis is new, and a MUST GET! (Free!) ...For all you new folks who might not know about this, Kristen Mangus from
GoodKnitKisses has a Loom Knitting Newsletter. Example: spring
issue.You should see the goodies, patterns, news and reviews NOW! Packed full!

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