by Penny D'Ewes
(Paraparaumu New Zealand)

I have just bought a serenity loom (from China) on ebay. I started to try doing a blanket using figure 8 cast on. That was the easy part but as I progressed I noticed that one side of the blanket is tighter than the other (tension) So I have now undone the whole thing to start again. After undoing it I noticed that the width between the inner circle of pegs and the outer ones vary in distance in places which makes one side of the blankets tension tighter than the other. I am just wondering if I should maybe do the blanket using the e wrap cast on method and knitting and not the figure 8. I hope this makes sense as I am pretty new to this loom. I do have all the round looms and the long looms but am still learning on them all. I have included a photo of my loom in the hopes that it will help.


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Jul 27, 2016
Serenity loom guage NEW
by: Jen

Hi Penny, I haven't gotten one of those yet, but may many here (FB loom groups) have, and have figured out lots of troubleshooting and fixes.

Go To Facebook, search ~Loom Groups~. and join up!

There are about 5 or 6, active, lots of fun! and we are all part of all of them. Lots of serenity loom users, ( I don't personally have the patience for blankets and such - lol!)

Just go to them, request to join, and you are on your way.

Another fun read is googling Serenity loom tips+blogs. And don't forget youtube! But FB loom groups are killer! great & interactive -

Also, google Serenity loom tips+Blogs, serenity looms on Youtube, serenity looms+uneven gauges - you will find answer - just get creative. You can always block your project after it is done - (look for blocking loomknitted items) - which is a way to straighten everything up and even out the overall gauges, etc... Good luck!

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