Problem with sweater.

by Ronny

Hey, i'm a guy knitting. (yeah i know) anyway, i have trukket with the sleeve on my sweater (my english is not the best). I knit with the large round one (28 cm), and came to the part where i want to decrese the number of masks so it fits the one (12 cm).

Can you please tell me hos?

The sweater i'm gonna knit on a afgan s-loom.
It's a Great hobby and i don't want to be stuck.
Hugs from Norways.

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Feb 29, 2016
Prob with Sweater/decrease NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Hey Ho!

Greetings to Norway! Below is a link (youtube) that will get you started. It's for a hat on a round loom, but decreasing can be applied to anything!

There are several videos, (you tube is an awesome source for questions!) And you can find most things easily with this hint: Search (Google?) and start with ~loom knit+whatever question is.~

In this case, I wrote loomknit+how to decrease on a round loom.

There are a lot of videos from many there.

Also, if you can get to facebook, search Loom Groups. There are several for our looms, some are Goodknit Kisses, knifty knitter loom group, etc.

Many of us are in all of them! lol! You will simple need to ask to join, and be approved.If necessary, you can say Jenny Tavernier sent you.

There all all kinds of crazy loony knitters, very helpfl, any questions, pictures of what people are doing, projects they've finished, etc. I am sure you will have fun, and also, there are other Scandinavians there who can help with the lingo, I am sure!

Here's a beginning link for decrease:

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