question about the easy hat for beginners pattern

I don't read where you said but it seems to me that in the very beginning you need at least 3 rows before you can pull one over the peg? Am I right??

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Dec 01, 2016
easy hat/ 3 rows/2 rows? NEW
by: jen

Hi There,

not sure which pattern, or stitch you are using, but just some tips!

1. Youtube, google loom knitting+easy hat for beginners, there are tons of vids!

Go to Facebook, search : Loom Groups. There are several, all good, any question, help, interactive, photos of what people are doing, tips, news, interactive, great group of crazy loomers, and this has been running for years - incredible archives and tons of good things!

Couple of the top of my head, Good Knit kisses, knifty knitter loom creations, Simply intertwined, and LOTS of vids!

Now, I have heard of a hat that is one over 2, or 2 over one. You can loom a hat (by the way, there is a website called "Loom-a-Hat, lol), you can do it with 2 rows, 3 rows is a minor slightly different technique. But then, you may be referring to a certain stitch - so that is different too. Link:

(ps, there is a hat done with a three step stitch, just check out the site anyway.)

Check out the above sites/links, and definitely Youtube, ~loom knitting+whatever question/phrase. Then you can see it, watch a few, and take off. Good vid channel is also "Tuteate" real time great clear vids. here's one link (there are a lot that came up.)

hope this helps!
Here is a 3 row stitch hat - (usally thicker/tighter/warmer - morefilled in.)

Hope these help! Jenny Tavernier

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