This is going to sound really dumb. One of the young guys that i work with has challenged me to make him a bong cozy on the knifty knitter looms. Not thinking i accepted that challenge. Anyone have any suggestions of a similar free pattern out there? Something i could adapt to use, either loom knit or needle knit? Also another question,, can a feather and fan pattern be adapted to the knifty knitter? And one more thing,, if anyone is looking for interesting patterns for dishcloths on the loom, i have found some at this site which adapt quite well to the knifty knitter looms, (using the green one and not such a large border at the sides,, 36 stitches) just as an fyi. I have made both the teacup and the teapot pattern. wish i had taken pics but gave them away

Thanks Pippy

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