Retired Husband

by Don
(Forsyth Ga.)

I am having a problem finishing a scarf getting it off the loom. i don't know how to knit the loops when I get them off.

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Dec 03, 2010
Binding off a Scarf
by: Jeannie Phillips

You can use a crochet hook... and pull each loop through the other making a chain... or you can

take the second loop off the peg put it on the first peg...then you pull knit the first peg loop over that loop... put that loop back on peg two... then take the loop from peg three put it on peg two..pull the yarn from peg two over the yarn from peg 3... move that single loop back to peg three... until you get to the end.

Hope this helps

Jun 15, 2010
Removing Scarf from loom
by: JSWolck

What kind of loom are you using? The Knifty Knitter (plastic ones) tell you how to do it at the end of the booklet. If you are using an Authentic Wooden Knitting Board it should have come with a great video. Are you knitting in the round or back and forth? If you still need help my e-mail address is I would be happy to help you if I can.

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