Rope from scarf pattern

by Allen Carr Pitts
(Dallas Texas)

Good afternoon Loom Room,

The early childhood children (3-5 years old) come to sing on Sunday morning and sit on the floor in a large beautifully open room. They do better if they sit in a circle instead of classroom style. Somebody put down a string in the form of a circle. I thought: How about a rope, but a soft woolen rope? So this crusty old man ended up at the Hobby Lobby trying to find sixty-foot long woolen rope and ended up hiding his knitting loom from his beer buddies.

Some questions please.

1. The scarf is about four inches wide, The idea was to roll the width of the scarf into a round cylinder like thick rope which would be more pleasing for the kids to hold to and sit on: If this is the best solution, do I just take a length of yarn of the same color and type used to create the rope and sort of sew the edges of the scarf into a rope using a crochet needle? I was thinking I would use white yarn in the white section, tie it off and then use blue yarn in the blue panel section and so on. Is there a beter approach?

2. My wife suggested twisting the scrarf into the rope:
This pattern does have a visual appeal. But my idea was to use yarn to close the scarf into a rope where the yarn used to draw the edges together would have the same color as the panel being drawn together. This would be impossible in some areas where panels of different colors ovelap in the twist.
Perhaps just tying the twist together in areas where same colors ovelap would be sufficient to keep the rope together or perhaps not. I think it would be look goofy if yarn of a different color was sewn into the panels where disimilar color panels overlap but I have no experience. Would this approach create an unpleasing affect. Very subjective question I realize but maybe somebody has knowledge of this matter.

3. Finally and most importantly, the intent is to create a circle of about 20 feet. Pi (3.14) times 20 feet (diameter) results in a circumference rope about sixty feet long. That was my original goal. Thinking about the usage of the rope in Sunday school it was realized that there were more usages that could be provided if the rope could be shorter lengths and different lengths. And so it is now contemplated that
there would be one rope thirty feet long and two ropes fifteen feet long that could be joined into a single length
sixty feet long. So the issue is: How to join the three lengths into one? I was thinking perhaps three or four buttons at the end with loops on the adjoining end. Is there a better way? Snaps? Ties? Other?

With gratitude for your time and expertise I remain

Your humble servant,

Allen in Dallas

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Aug 22, 2011
Rope from scarf pattern
by: Jen


You have tons of patience!

If you want to sew the colored edges together so they match, there are large tapestry needles that will save your eyes - Twisting it is a whole 'nother ball park, because you also need to maintain the twist - so more sewing would be needed to tack it - !

Love your jpg!

Also, if you are on Facebook, there is a great looming group (all kinds) called knifty knitter loom creations - open group, please join!
Tons of great active and interested people, help with everything, and fast, and tons of pics and vids and patterns and books - it's really like a very interactive giant loom Circle (guys and gals)- and VERY worth it, no matter what kind of loom you have -
your picture alone would stun them!!! Well DONE!!!


Hope to see you there!

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