Round Knitting Looms

Knit Much More Than Just Hats

Round knitting looms come in many sizes and types of materials and they are used to make a variety of knitted items. Scarves, mittens, socks, purses, afghans and more can be created on a circular knitting loom. Of course, you can make hats of every size, style and stitch as well.


round wooden knitting looms
The first knitting looms were made of wood. This is by far the most expensive material to use to make knitting looms, the labor involved in creating a wooden knitting loom also drives up costs. But many loomers still prefer them to the newer plastic models because of their lasting durability and natural craftsmanship.

Of course there are several plastic knitting loom manufacturers these days and more seem to be popping up all the time. Plastic looms are usually much cheaper than wood ones, but tend to be more limited in options such as peg spacing and size. Plastic knitting looms are a popular and inexpensive choice for beginners and children.


Round looms come in many sizes, designed for many different uses. They range from extra large hat looms all the way down to tiny knitting spools, used to create knitted tubes or ropes.


A round loom can be used to knit just about anything. By stopping your stitch prior to closing the full circle of the loom, you can weave back to your starting point and create a flat panel that can then be made into a hotpad, dishcloth, scarf, afghan, sweater, purse or anything else you can imagine. Here is a great video that demonstrates this process.

What Do You Knit on Your Round Looms?

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