Round loom binding too tight

by Cherie

I started my first project on a round loom. My intent was to end up with a cowl, using chunky yarn. It went great until I followed a YouTube video to cast off and ended up with it being way too tight! I sewed the end together and now have a beanie to wear when I walk the dogs. I'm ready to try again and am glad I found this site! I definitely will study up on what I did wrong.

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Jan 15, 2016
OOPS! FB loom groups links! NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

also, if you didn't know this, and have an account at FB, go there, and search ~loom groups~!

There are several, and it is an interactive forum with photos and questions, all levels, lots of help, tips, links, new patterns or ideas, all zany loomers! Off the top of my head, look for Goodknit Kisses, and Knifty knitter loom group - there are several, and most of us belong to all of them! There is also a section, (once you request to join), called docs/files - right hand side near top. It is full of years and tips, links, patterns, etc.

Have tremendous fun!

Jan 15, 2016
Binding tight/Super Stretchy Bind off NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Just another note here:

It is known as the super stretchy bindoff, or the extra stretchy bind off. It started out as threading a yarn needle, but why break the flow?

Much easier (if you are lazy), to simple measure your yarn tail three times (vital!) around your working loom area/stitches), and just finish it off with your pick tool. (I discovered it ages back. Saves TONS of time!) lol!

I couldn't make a vid, but a few have. There are several vids on youtube, with both needle and pick.

I also found that you can start on any stitch, as long as you go all the way around - (Check for the braid on the loom!)!( and one extra, to secure it.

If you really do get lost, and think you might have missed something, just go over it and do it again, continue on. It is not going to make a really huge difference.

Jan 15, 2016
RdLoomBind to tight! Ah! SuperstretchyBind off! NEW
by: jen

Hey There!

Yes, 1st thing I made, (fingerless mitts years ago,) I was so pissed when there was no ease to stretch, and ended up with a tourniquet around my fingers!

However, here is the rescue, and I use it for just about everything that needs ease and stretch, and it comes out GREAT looking! (vid link at bottom.)

Pretty easy, especially when you skip the needle and just use your pick/hook! It can be done on both round and straight, and even double knit rakes! (The long 2 sided rectangular ones.) (Which by the way, you can also use as a round loom, as it is just like a squeezed together circle.)

1st off, can you do a simple purl stitch?
2nd, can you count to two? lol
3rd, do you have enough "working" yarn attached to go around your loom 3 times, and then cut off? That's it!

It is based on a sewing machine stretch (zigzag) stitch, and is super easy, Plus if you do get lost, there is an easy way to tell where your last zigzag bind was, as it leaves a braided tail around the outside of your loom. You will be starting on the 2nd peg beyond where your working yarn is.(in either direction, doesn't matter right or left.) Purl, and then go back one, and purl again. Count pegs, purl, then go back one. You will see!

I personally, (when you see the video,) do NOT go over and under. I am lazy, and I do this as straight purl stitches on all the pegs, all the way round, til everything is connected. Works grand, and just tie off/weave in.

Once you master this stitch, you have the ability to do any closure that requires stretch and ease. (cowls, mitts, legwarmers, hats, etc.) Go forth, and conquer the world! I think aside from ewrap, this is the vital stitch everyone needs to know right off, as it will save you much angst forever!


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