Round loom piece needs to be cut in half

by Donna Hall
(San Antonio, TX, USA)

I have a large round loom piece that was suppose to be flat blanket. Is there some way I can cut this in half and use some kind of stitch on it that will keep it from raveling out? I can't believe I did such a thing. Should I just unravel it and start over? It has about a 1000 yards of yarn in it. Can someone help me with this.

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Jun 24, 2017
Any other use for it? NEW
by: TJ

Wow!. I know of no very tidy way to do this. You can of course stabilize it, cut it and serge it on a serger, then cover with a binding on the cut edges or crochet a pretty edging to hide the "mess" if you need to go that route. Could also stitch it to some stabilizer on a regular sewing machine on both sides of where you intend to cut it, before cutting the yarn to prevent raveling, then bind it well in a nice binding edge? These are of course, not very wonderful answers, but short of frogging all that work or finding another use for it (a sleeping bag for an infant? which cannot go over the shoulders for safety or a large shopping bag?) all I can think of off hand to salvage the effort. Will certainly be up to you, but I know of no tidy way to splice the stitching and seal it to prevent unraveling, which I'm sure you were hoping for. Cutting up across the rows is just not something I see as workable, even in weaving it off, short of binding with a sewing machine, hiding the area with binding or a boarder of some form and blocking the work again. Sorry to say this.

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