scarf changing patterns while knitting

by Richard
(Syracuse Ut)

Been loom knitting for about three years have done several hundred hat and some scarfs. While make a scarf on a rectangle loom with a figure eight cast on the knitted patten will change sides while knitting the scarf. What is causing this??

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Jun 16, 2018
Figuring out Figure 8 rows! NEW
by: Anonymous

With the figure 8 stitch, going left to right is one row, then right to left is another row. Check on whether the way you wrap is different when you for L to R than when you go R to L. I have found that if you always wrap the 8 in such a way as to match in both directions, (1) both sides will look the same and (2) you will be slipping one stitch (leaving one peg empty) at the beginning of each row. On the other hand, if you wrap the 8 so that the directions of the yarn is different between L to R and R to L, (1) the two sides will look different and (2) you will always be wrapping all pegs and NOT slipping one at the beginning of each row.

I know this must sound really confusing. I figured it out after I, too, accidently would change from what I call "same direction" (figure 8 matching from row to row) and "different direction" (figure 8 alternating from row to row).

I hope this helps. If you can come up with a better way to put it all into words, please share because I am not happy with my explanation to you but can’t find a better way to say it!!

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