Scarf on Long Loom, Yarn Too Tight. Help?

by Rozella

I am trying to make a scarf with one of the long looms. Unfortunately, when I try to bring the bottom yarn over the top yarn the yarn starts getting tight. After I'm able to bring the bottom yarn over about 3 pegs, the yarn is so tight that I cannot complete one row. What could I be doing wrong? I've made 3 scarfs last year and did not have this problem. What is the best type of yarn to use when looming? Thank you for your feedback.

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Dec 31, 2009
tight stitches
by: sherrill

I sometimes have the same problem. DON'T WRAP TOO TIGHT; that's a mantra I have to use over and over. Other things may be: if you accidently skip taking a stitch off, it will make the next one harder to get off. I also have learned to work back and forth, when using both sides of the loom. I find that that is easier than going up one side and down the other. The other thing I pound into my grandaughter's heads is: LAST STITCH ON, FIRST OFF. Hope this helps. Sherrill

Oct 25, 2009
Hope this helps!
by: Marsha

Are you using a different type of yarn than you used in your earlier projects? Also how are you doing your loom. I mean are you going around or are you going back and forth with the long loom. If you go around you can always start releasing your stitches by going backwards on your loom. That is what I have done from time to time when my stitches got too tight. As far as yarn types I personally stay away from the fancy furry types of yarn for looms unless I have a strand of worsted weight yarn mixed with it. Any of the #4 yarn weights are perfect for looming either by themselves or mixed with a lighter weight one. I hope this helps. How about the rest of you. Any suggestions?

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