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After having been swindled, scammed, robbed and lied to, I was becoming pretty cynical and discouraged in my search for a real work at home internet business. You can imagine how reluctant I was to offer up one more virtual penny to anyone online.

Over the course of my "learning experience" I had learned some helpful, albeit expensive skills.Site Build It!


Early on, I discovered that I was very specific in how I wanted my websites to look, so I taught myself basic HTML through a process of trial-and-error. I designed a page using a drag and drop software that I still use to this day for non-search engine friendly websites (more on that later). It's called Homestead, and it has come a LONG way since those early days.

Then I hired an HTML guy online to write the page exactly as it looked in basic HTML. I saved the code and then began systematically cutting out bits of code and then previewing the page to see what the effect was. It was tedious and time-consuming, but I was determined and I was able to learn enough HTML to get by and be independent.

What NOT To Do...

Over the course of my experiences, I've tried: a typical e-commerce store, done stocking and shipping, Ebay, drop-shipping, MLM's (briefly), online surveys, mystery shopping, freelancing sites and more. Follow the links to find out why I am no longer using any of these methods in my internet business.

So, basically--I've tried most everything out there. I'm sure there are a few new GRQ (Get-Rich-Quick) schemes out there, but I'll live very happily if I never run across another one.Finally, I Found What Works!

I'd stumbled across in my searching over the years, but by this point I was so wary and skeptical I had hadn't dared to try it.

They offer very compelling proof of their clients' success with their product, SiteBuildIt!. But, then again, I'd heard compelling "proof" before.

Then, my mother in law told me about a new craft/hobby she had discovered while visiting relatives. It was called a "knitting loom". It is a circular wooden ring with pegs on it, that uses a simple weaving method to knit hats and many other yarn creations. She said that this knitting loom thing was becoming very popular and she wanted to find out more about them, but couldn't find them online. She suggested that they seemed easy enough to make and that if she was looking for them, surely others were as well. Soon she and my father-in-law and my husband and I were seriously discussing starting a business making knitting looms to sell at craft shows and such.

But it was the fact that she couldn't find them online that set my wheels in motion.

I remembered reading on about the concept of niche websites that catered to a person's hobby or passion. So I started doing some more research.

I searched online and found only a few very amateurish websites devoted to the hobby and some families who also manufactured the looms. I poured through the SiteSell Action Guide , determined not to be suckered again.


I knew we had found a niche. I knew there was demand for it. I also knew there was very little supply to meet that demand. At last, I decided the only way to find out was to try.

Taking The Leap

Site Build It!So I bought SiteBuildIt! about 5 years ago and The Loom Room was born.

As you can see, it is still there and going strong. We no longer manufacture the looms--we had too much business! My in-laws kept on building the looms and shipping them to customers until a couple years ago, when their last child got married and they decided it was time to retire.

So I took over the site and converted it to an information-only hobby site and am making money off of it through affiliate sales and Google Adsense.

(I'm currently in the process of trying to get my in-laws to write down the instructions of how to make the looms so we can publish an ebook and sell it on the site.) I recently started paying attention to it again after virtually ignoring it and just cashing the checks every month. Now I'm improving it and watching my traffic improve as well. The more traffic, the more income.

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