Stuck in the beginning

by Lorie Nicolaus
(McAllen, Texas)

I new to loom knitting and starting a new project, however, I don't understand the instructions. I've searched for videos on Youtube, but I'm just to sure anything matched what I'm looking for or maybe it's because I don't understand what to look for. With this said, what's a beginner to do? Should I paste my instructions here?


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Mar 21, 2015
Stuck in the Beginning NEW
by: Anonymous


I, too, am a beginner. I found an on-line looming classroom forum:

It is called Loom Knitter's Classroom. An instructor provides a pattern, and on-line explanation of any problems you may have. You also can get help from other members of the group.

They will teach new stitches, how to read patterns, and offer monthly projects to work on. I just recently got in the group, so I have not registered for a class yet.

I am hoping this group will help me find videos related to the pattern, also. I can help you should you have any questions about the site. You may need it because it was hard for me to find the classes, etc.

Rose Ann

Mar 09, 2015
Stuck in the beginning! NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Hey there,

Are you on Facebook?

1st thing to do, is get over there, and search for loom groups! There are several, and a whole ton of crazy loomers at all levels. They are wonderful, interactive, full of help and answering questions, Off my head, look for:
It's all about Yarn baby, Goodknit Kisses, Knifty knitter loom creations, for starters - they have been going great guns forever, with wonderful
friendly people, and projects, photos, files of tips, links, more videos and blogs connected than you can imagine!

Also, go straight to goodknit kisses website, and search Blogs+loom knitting.

On youtube, always start your searched with "loom knit+..." It will get you right into the right area right away.

There are often several different vids on the same subject, or similar ones, so that if one leaves you What? There may be another that communicates to you.

Another great site with vids is The Crochet Crowd - (mikey Selleck), who was one of the first to even start making videos for the loom, and they are awesome done, and very simple.

Search loom knit+beginner

Hope to see you on FB soonest! You will fit right in, and can ask any question you need!

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