by Veronica

There are two questions but mainly is that I've never completed a 10 stitch blanket on a loom. While there are several YouTube videos? No one seems to get close enough to show where you're picking up the stitch after you do your two corners and you're finally working up the side of the starting square. I wanted to make this blanket so badly but this will be my third time taking it apart. The other problem is that one video shows a flat on both sides, while another shows that there will be a ridge on one side. But again... No one explains how to get the flat stitch where there is no real ridge on either side... Any suggestions?

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Dec 21, 2015
10 stitch questions NEW
by: jenny Tavernier


The directions have gone through several refining evolutions! There are many who are going great guns, finally, and here is where you find them, happy to share!

Go to Facebook, and search "loom groups". There are several, request and join the ones you want, or all, and then get ready to have a blast! Really interactive, great pics and projects, all skill levels - and questions welcomed! 10 stitches abound on there. Help is available!

off the top of my head, Goodknit Kisses, Knifty Knitter Loom Group, Loom knitting group, etc. 10 stitches and all kinds of things. Do not give up hope, talk to others that have gone through the same thing, and got it so. Go for it! I was just over there, and there are people showing off what they are working on, and will be glad to help with the Been there, done that, - here is what it means. Have fun!

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