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I really like the designs of the Knifty Knitter looms (round and rectangular), light weight and easily to use.

What I would like are looms that have smaller pegs closer together. The looms out there that are like that are the wood ones with metal posts but they are costly. Of course the pegs would need of much strong plastic so they don’t easily break. The hook could have a fatter handle for better ergonomics.

Tools in the packaging are great. I liked the plastic bags (with handles) the older ones came in. I was able to use the packaging to store the looms. I would make sure in the packaging that not only are their patterns, but also referrals to loom tutorials on the internet. It would certainly keep the interest and speed the learning curve

I taught myself how to use the looms using the videos on

I use Knifty Knitter and have purchased a set for myself and several others, especially this year, have purchased sets because of what they’ve seen I’ve been able to do and how fast.

I purchased mine at Michaels, the others at Joanne’s and Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is less expensive, however, if you get a 40% or 50% coupon at the other two stores you can get it for a really good price. Joanne’s and Michaels have good accessible displays in the yarn section.

I discovered looming by the Knifty Knitter display at Michaels. I purchased it because I’ve always wanted to knit (I crochet, sew, needlepoint, embroider, etc.), but have always had difficulty with tension when using the knitting needles. Looming fulfills two needs I have, I like fast results and I can produce a really great product.

If I could say something to the manufacturer: Please continue to produce patterns. The brochure like pattern books are good. The other books out there are too costly for the one or two patterns you may actually like. If you could translate some popular regular knitting patterns into loom patterns that would be really great!

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Feb 18, 2012
Make your own NEW
by: Sally

Hi, You would like a loom with closer pegs for finer knitting?, do what I did make one out of wood 11/2 bioj 2 1/2 70 cm long 50 rond head nails on each side 1cm apart 2 long screws with wing nutsand bought several sizes nuts from 1cm up to 3 cm 2 of each size make a hole dead opposite each end.
Iam handcapped so if I can make one anybody can haha. It is great for fine wol and with a thicker bolt in between can be for thicker wol. I've just started to do it again and collected the other looms as well knifty & Martha Stewart looms. It is addictive and as Iam very sick it is a great way to keep busy.
Hope this helps.
Best wishes Sally

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