Thanks for the suggestions for hooks

by Pat Hathaway
(Salina KS)

I loved your suggestions of things that could be used for a knitting loom tool. I had been using a craft tool I got on a closeout sale online somewhere several years ago. It had a hook at one end and a piercing tip at the other. I had put a refill eraser on the piercing end after accidently poking myself in the chest when I got too close to my work. I had no idea what to call the tool or where to look for something else like it without the sharp end. The hook end was great for eyelash yarn because the tip was small enough to slide under all the eyelashes on the peg easily. My husband was on his way to the hardware store and I showed him the hook and asked him to see if there was something like it in the tool section. He must have had a lot of fun looking because he came back with two packages of tools. Now I have a hook for every occasion [and some that I will never need.) :)

By the way, my favorite loom is the Knifty Knitter looms. I love them all. I like the deep grove on the pegs of the round looms because it is so easy to get the tool under the yarn. The grooves on the straight loom pegs are shallower because the pegs are smaller in diameter, but with my new pointy ended hooks they will easier to use, too.

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Nov 07, 2011
Knitting Tools for Knitting Boards or Knifty Knitter
by: Mary

I found a couple of good substitutions for the cheap and sometimes painful Knitting Tools that are mostly available.

The more expensive one, and it needn't be a lot of money can be $5 or less on sale or in a mark down bin. Go to a hardware store or a store with a good hardware section. Just check around, you may find one on line even. Ask the clerk for the tool that has a sharp point on the end and is used for making small holes to 'start' nails or screws or to mark where a nail or screw will go. You place the point of the tool on the wood and hit the other end with a hammer to make a starting hole for the screw or nail. One really NICE thing is the handle is usually wood and comfy to hold. The other nice thing is that is isn't needle sharp, just about perfect, and it's usually steel. It lasts a LONG time! The point is straight when you buy it but if you put the steel tip in a vice then tighten it and firmly but gently tap the handle with a hammer or sometimes you can bend it carefully and slowly with your hands until you get the degree of bend you want in the 'hook' then you will have a Knitting Tool that will last you many years, possibly a lifetime! You can adjust the curve this way until, through use, you have adjusted the curve exactly the way you want it to your own personal likes. As they are not expensive if you shop around, you may find you want to make several for different looms or different types of yarn.

The other Knitting tool I found that wasn’t meant to be one, was at our Dollar Store. They have tools for getting pieces of nut out of the shells after you crack them open. For $2 and 5 tools, FOUR of those were great for Knitting Tools! Two were the same, just picks and the 3rd and 4th were picks that were slightly curved on one side. You can change any angles of these picks the same way you did the other one. Carefully and slowly! If you go on knitting sites where they sell yarn and knitting tools, they often sell cushion sleeves, dense foam rubber sleeves for your crochet hooks that fit the nut picks I got from the dollar store. Also eBay is good for cheap packages of 6 to 10 for them from Hong Kong. A couple of dollars and no shipping cost IF you look carefully. Put a little white glue on the foam sleeve as you are putting it on and for a total of less than $2 a piece you have good, very inexpensive comfy Knitting tools that will last a long time.

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