The afghan

by Lauren

You start off with any wool and do any stitch ( except making a tube) on the rake loom( the blue biggest one) and knit for the length you like and then make another one just like it then sew it together

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Jan 01, 2011
The Loom Room location
by: The Loom Room

Hi Pam,
The Loom Room does not have a physical location. We only provide information about knitting looms online. We used to hand make and sell wooden knitting looms, but we no longer do. It's too hard to compete with the less-expensive plastic ones. Now we just provide a place online for people to discuss loom knitting, find books, get patterns, share ideas, ask questions and find the best knitting loom deals. We're glad you're here, though. Please let us know how we can help.
Melinda @ The Loom Room

Dec 27, 2010
Location of store
by: Anonymous

Hi my name is Pam and does anyone know the physical address to The Loom Room? My mother-in-law live in Canada and would like to check the store out (she knits all the time).I have tried to find the address, but am not having any success.

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