Toddler Sweater

by Carol Vezzose
(Mexico, NY USA)

I am doing a pattern out of the book "Loom Crafts with Knifty Knitter." I have about 8 1/2" done. I don't think I have it on the loom correctly. The loom I am using is the long green one. Please help. I am doing the Toddler Sweater. I am confused. It mentions 12 pegs one way and 12 pegs the other way. Also it mentions to knit the entire loom. I am using just 12 pegs on each side. I am not sure if I have enough pegs used.

Please help. I have surfed the web without any success. This is the 3rd message I have left on the web. Right now I feel stupid. I also checked out Youtube and the author of the book. I will appreciate any help I receive. Carol Vezzose

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