by Terri
(Pearland, TX)

Can someone please tell me how to unroll the things that I loom? I just started this craft a month or so ago...and am having a great time, but everything rolls up...how can I stop it from doing that...or fix it after I have completed the project?

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Jan 16, 2011
Rolling help
by: Aimers

To keep it from curling, this is what I am doing.

Row 1 Cast on - e wrap

Row 2 Purl the entire row.

Row 3 Knit.

Row 4 Purl.

Continue regular knitting for the length you desire except the four stitches on each end, purl instead of knit.

The last 4 rows do the same as the first 4 rows. This keeps it from curling up and from side to side.

Hope this helps!

amylwallace1966 [at] @gmail[dot]com

Dec 03, 2010
Stop the Rolling
by: Jeannie Phillips

I had that problem... you need to knit a row and purl a row for 3 to 4 rows on the top and bottom and on the edges your first 3-4 pegs and last 3-4 pegs knit going one way purl coming back the other...it will make your scarf or blanket lay flat... my first few scarves which I was so proud of rolled like you are talking about... I was so happy to learn this trick.


Nov 26, 2010
rolling work
by: Anne Fetters

One way to fix it, is to steam iron your piece after it is all done, cover your work with a dish towel or piece of sheeting and set your iron to steam, then iron it down untill it lays flat, or take it to a cleaners and have them steam it for you.

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