Using a Long loom as a Round Loom?


Is it possible to use a long loom with a peg on each end as a round loom? I believe I saw this technique mentioned somewhere on a website, but now I cannot find the source. Thank-you Kim

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May 22, 2011
long loom to round -
by: jen

Hi there!

I recall seeing the same comment -(but can't find again.) It seems to me it would work, at least one one side - but the gauge would be off on the missing peg side -

HOWEVER! Knifty knitter sells loom slips - (2 per pack) But these ONLY fit the narrower looms that come in the 4 pack - they will not fit on the single pack loom - (i know - had to exchange mine)

The clips actually make it so you can do "round loom" any size - But!:

Be careful putting them om - (they snap on under & up around the sides, and give you a "peg in the middle" - But trying to unsnap them and move them can be dicey - they may break- not as sturdy as one would wish - plastic is brittle - best to dedicate that loom to that size -

I bought them, and the first time I tried to unsnap one to move it, it broke. However, you can get a round loom effect using one - as long as you use one side of the loom.

There is a drawback here - as the pegs, and the middle space are closer together (e-wrap) on the long looms, and it is a bit unwieldy on your hands because you don't have as much space to maneuver - but it CAN be done -

If you know the number of pegs you will be using - you can put them on and leave them - just be gentle if you are looming a lot - the one I have hasn't broken yet)

They really are a boon though - I have been making wristlets (fingerless gloves) and neither the long or round looms had the gauge (# 0f pegs) I wanted for "in the round" - (too big or small)
So I did convert one of the smaller long looms to the perfect size -So far, so good! Not great on my knuckles though!
But at anyrate, where there is a will there's a way!

I suggest checking out(google)
knifty knitter+loom clips to get an idea - (walmart, amazon, etc) Just remember that DON'T use the single purple one - it has to be the narrower 4 pack. If you can, go for the 4 set of round looms when you can - it is really worth it I find, to have both - (check out thrift stored too)

One can't post pics here, but you can email me at lyricdancer88 (at) - put "long loom to round" in the subject, and I will send you a picture of what I did to give you a better idea! Chances are, you can jerry-rig something with some creativity if you can't get to the clips -

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