using a long loom to make a baby diaper cover...

by Andrea
(Olive Branch, MS)

I recently started using the Knifty Knitter looms, and I love them. I am a photographer and got tired of spending $40-$50 on knitted/crochet hats for my newborns, infants and toddlers. So I saw the loom set at Walmart and figured it can't be so hard. So in the last 3 days I have made about 12 hats ranging from pom hats, elf hats, and ear flap hats, and people even started requesting to buy them. I have one project right now I am working on and can't figure out. I haven't used an actual pattern to do any of the hats, but not I am TRYING to make a diaper cover. I could only find one pattern for it online, and with being new to it all, I figured I would just try and wing it without a pattern. I have drawn/written out exactly what I am gonna be doing. I am currently using the PINK LONG LOOM, and going completely around to make the major part of the diaper cover. I know I need to decrease steadily to make the crotch part of the diaper, but I can't figure out how to do it without actually closing up the entire thing. I need to leave leg holes... Does anyone have any advice? I have to have this done by 8am Friday Morning(07/01/11)... Please help

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Aug 14, 2012
photog+babys stuf on the KKs AND WAY MORE! NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

On the Fb link below, there are way many photog/props being made - check it out! And all the links!
Happy looming to you, and I hope these bring you surprises, as it is amazing what one can do on these looms! Jen

First off, this is a 24 hour a day (and night) interactive looming crazy site, with photos, docs, tutorials, videos, and over 450+ crazy loomers who love to share and help! We talk back and forth all the time - same page -(facebook group below)

Come join us on our Facebook group,
we feature everything you ever wanted to know or share about loom addiction, and if there is a question, we will all find an answer to it!

AND! Do we know where the free patterns are, and have some total looming greats! I hope you join us - as it is all skill levels, from a first hat up to the mega stitches - It goes from, and WAY beyond hat and scarves!

Now - Some other major sites with vids, and very well done ones too - worth becoming a member of, or just visiting -
this site belongs to Bethany Dailey - tons of free patterns and all things loomy! She also has a yahoo group that has some amazing things in it! Please check it out. She is on the FB loom group all the time, and responds quickly!

This is Kristen's loomknit club.Totally amazing!
This is Kristen's youtube channel. She makes amazing videos, most on the KKs, but also Martha Stewart loom, etc. Tons of how-tos, and she has an amazing stitch (vid) directory, Starts at the beginning KKs round and longloom, and then goes way beyond, all in full color!It is loomilicious! Tons of patterns also! -

This is the famous Mikey Selick of youtube loom/yarn/fiber fame - he has his own totally cool thing going on. Great friends with Kristen
It is a facebook group join)

And Here is Virginia - Simply Intertwined - homey, makes great vids,
If you plug in Simply Intertwined on youtube search, there is a host of videos.

Come for sure, to (over 900!) loomers on facebook!

There is also a NEW revamped Loom Knitter's Circle Magazine (online )- this is quarterly - but has load of good stuff:

Hope to see you! Jen

Aug 14, 2012
dolly style NEW
by: mandy baker

I would start out at the widest part and then do a cross between an hour glass and dog bone shape going in then a few dozen rows of ten or so pegs then back out like a doll diaperand then you use double buttons on the front for your back tab sides to fit over so you have a multiple size range.this is something I'm trying to make as well. Also on newborns size red round loom you can stitch a flat for 8 pegs for about 3 to four inches then temporarily tie it off. Cut your thread and move 8 or so pegs and repeat steps and the isteadof going off go into full round e wrap and pick up the other panels knits and round stitch like you making and finishing a hat then cast off how you normally would and then sew up the croch of the diaper.

Jul 01, 2011
ALSO! side seam stitch
by: Jen

your original question on seaming sides with hat bind off stitch - sounds good to me! - I figure that sides seams don't necessarily have to stretch up and down vertically much -- you just want to 'sew' seam hold the panels firmly together!

Re the stretch stitch - (width stitches) - They are assuming that the last stitch (with yarn tail,)
is on the left -and you will sewing (starting at the right) pegs as 1, 2, (going to the right from the "beginning" peg as '1' - counting pegs to the right. (2, 3, 4, etc)
The stretch stitch is also good for cuffs, waistbands, I was happy to discover it!)

Jul 01, 2011
stretch stich for ease bind off
by: Jen

Hey there! -
Stretchy bind off for openings that need ease -

The only thing I have found with the drawstring hat cast-off stitch, (and I tried closing fingerless mitts with it until I found a stretchier stitch) is that there is very little Give/stretch around areas that need to have some ease -when it is tied off like that.

I found a loom stretch stitch for binding - (if I could figure it out, you will have no prob!)

this bindoff, though a little bit more time involved, gives added ease in openings that need to flex a bit -
I can attest to it being more stretchy - (instead of cutting circulation!)

Try this for leg openings - (below)



This is great for those magic or three-way scarves. There's no need to knit the last row loosely.

Cut yarn, leaving enough tail to wrap around the loom 4
times, then thread the tail through a tapestry needle.

The yarn tail should be at the last peg, so bring the tail
past the 1st peg, and sew UP through the 2nd peg, then DOWN
through the 1st peg. Sew UP through the 3rd peg, then DOWN
through the 2nd peg. Sew UP through the 4th peg, then DOWN
through the 3rd peg. Sew UP through the 5 peg, then DOWN
through the 4th....

Follow this sequence, pulling the yarn snug as you sew,
keeping the needle in front of the previous UP strand and you sew DOWN
through the loops. The last sequence will be UP through the 1st peg,
then DOWN through the last. You will make the equivalent of
little cursive E's all around the loom. Now pop everything off your loom,
and voila - stretchy bind-off.

This is also useful for flat pieces. Cut tail, leaving
enough yarn for 4 times the width of the active pegs.
The peg with the yarn tail is #1, its neighbor is #2,
the next is #3, etc.

Sew UP through #2, then DOWN through #1.
Sew UP through #3, then DOWN through #2.
Sew UP through #4, then DOWN through #3, etc.
The last stitch will be UP through the last peg,
DOWN through the 2nd to last peg, then UP through the last peg once more.

Jul 01, 2011
by: phyllis kee

Would it be alright to put panels togerher by the same sritch that you take a hat off with.

Jul 01, 2011
diaper dream upss
by: Jen

Well, I wish you luck! LOL!
I am really big on how much can one get done in one fell swoop - but maybe the long crotch piece first then wrapped in the round all the way?
but I guess one would still need smaller leg holes. even with the crotch joined -

Keep us posted on what you figure out!
One way of decreasing is slipping one of the farther stitches over the nearest peg, and knitting both. I am pretty lousy though at remembering where my "count" is - so have at it!

Jun 30, 2011
Thank you...
by: Anika Photography

Thank you so much Jen... I was also thinking to do the flat panels and sew the seams. But instead I knit on the red knifty knitter as if I were doing a hat, then when it was the length I wanted I cast off and just sewed a crotch into it. Not the best, but will do for this session that I have... Thanks again. I will try the the flat panel tonight.

Jun 30, 2011
diaper cover ways
by: Jen

Haven't tried that!
but being that it needs to be shaped, I would suggest that you make it as 2 flat panels, and seam up the sides - instead of decreasing -
I would start at the crotch (-say wrapping 12 or however many pegs for your crotch width,- knit however many rows so that you have a narrow longer piece, and then start adding a peg on either side to increase to 1/2 of the total waist -- so you end up with a flat panel that (I wish we could post pics)
that looks like the front of a panty - then tie off, and do another flat panel like that, only make it wider, (to cover the the "rump" bump. then seam the sides together, and the middle of the crotch - and voila!

Or you can make the crotch part longer, on 1 panel, knit the second as a simple flat panel, and bring the crotch piece under and join it by seaming -
Hope this helps!
I too wing patterns - but when I do fingerless mitts with a thumb, - I found it easier to
do and in the round, and then finish as a flat panel, where I would crochet the thumb -
Being as you have two holes to deal with, I would go to matching flat panels, then seam.

Good Luck, hope this gives another wacky eyeview from a "wing it" designer! Jen

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