What am I doing wrong, scarf keeps curving to one side?

by Barbara
(SI, NY )

I am new to loom knitting and I must be doing something wrong.

My scarfs keep coming out looking like a C on the left side of my scarf. The right side of the long scarf looks straight. Also both bottom edges also look like I need an extra stitch on each side.
I am not sure I am doing this completely correct.
Just thought I would ask before doing my third scarf and maybe I will have better results.

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Feb 22, 2015
curving scarf NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Hi there, there are different ways of keeping scarves straight, but first, realize that yarn has a natural twist to it, and when you are looming, you are also twisting it more.

You may simply be running into natural yarntwist tension phenom, which is easily handled by "blocking." (look up knitting+blocking.)

Basically, it is shaping and evening out the tension so the "pull of the yarn is even all the way through.

There are borders you can put on scarves also, that will keep it from curling. (Son't know the stitch you are using.) (It is called the garter stitch, so go to youtube and look up loom knitting+garter stitch.)

Then, get yourself over to facebook, and search "loom groups". This is an invaluable interactive forum with help, pics, links, by loomers for loomers. You will have a blast, and generally, there are many of us who belong to all of them! lol All skill levels, and FUN!

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