What brand of the round looms are the best?

by Donna
(South Carolina)

My mom is in a nursing home and just learned how to knit hats and scarves. She was having the time of her life until the pegs started coming out of all the looms that I bought her. Are there any that I can buy for her that won't fall apart?

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Jun 25, 2012
knitting looms I like NEW
by: Jessie

I was in a nursing home when I first started to loom knit, thanks to a church friend who got me a long loom kit and some yarn. I agree with your mom, its fun!

Now, I really like the looms by In The Attic called FlexiLoom. These looms are one piece and flexible, so there is nothing to break at all. They are also easy to hold. I also like their knitting tool, because its all metal (so its impossible to break) surrounded by soft material. This company also has a knitting book and a loom set that helps you make mittens. You can find these looms mostly on Ebay or other websites.

I also found that the Knifty Knitter looms that are made by Provo Craft are good, especially the long looms. I made lots of stuff on the ones my church friend got for me, and never had any of the pegs break. If the pegs do break, Provo Craft has replacement pegs for the long and round looms.
DON'T buy the looms made by Darice and Boye. These looms are not good at all and there have been several complaints about them breaking, especially the knitting tool. My friend got a set for her autistic son, and he was extremely frustrated with the pegs breaking a lot. Even though they are inexpensive, don't buy them.

Jun 25, 2012
brand of looms that I like NEW
by: Jessie

Hi! I have liked the looms made by In The Attic, because they are a one piece loom that is flexible. This makes it to where the pegs don't fall out at all. Ever since I found a set of them on Ebay, I have really liked them. They even have a loom set that helps you make mittens. I also like their loom tool, because its 100% metal (so its impossible to break) surounded by a soft cushion material, so its easy for people with arthritis to use.

I also like Knifty Knitter long looms. They are very easy to use and I have never had any of the pegs break on them. The company that makes Knifty Knitter looms (Provo Craft) has replacement pegs for the round and long looms. They are super cheap on Ebay. Also, you can buy the original Knifty Knitter looms at JoAnns or Michaels craft stores for a reasonable price.
I DON'T recommend the knitting looms made by Darice or Boye (they are usually neon colored looms). My friend bought a set of the Darice ones and the knitting tool broke in 2 days and the adult hat loom pegs broke left and right. She said that it was a waste of money. Even her autistic son got frustrated with these cheap looms breaking often.

Finally, there are wooden looms, but I have never used them and they are more expensive than the plastic ones. The plus side of this is that they last longer.

Hope this helps!

Feb 07, 2012
loose pegs/loom brands NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Hi there!

First, you can easily reglue the pegs with superglue - they will last quite a while! (I did that when I first got my knifty knitter Looms. All of the less expensive plastic looms are like this. There are further stitches down the line that will have pegs moved or removed, but honestly, I wouldn't worry about that. Just reglue them in.

Darice is also a good brand - stay away from the BOYE version of knifty knitters - they are not getting gret reviews - There are actually quite a few brands, but lack of space, Here are some very cool links below to check out. The Facebook group is where can find and ask any question to your hearts content - (and there are migher priced wooden looms you may want to look at. But come see! Jen Kudos to your mom!
Hi There, Here are some more loom links for you, also!

First off, this is a 24 hour a day (and night) interactive looming crazy site, with photos, docs, tutorials, videos, and over 450+ crazy loomers who love to share and help! We talk back and forth all the time - same page -(facebook group below)

Come join us on our Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/kniftyknitter/
we feature everything you ever wanted to know or share about loom addiction, and if there is a question, we will all find an answer to it!

AND! Do we know where the free patterns are, and have some total looming greats! I hope you join us - as it is all skill levels, from a first hat up to the mega stitches - It goes from, and WAY beyond hat and scarves!

Now - Some other major sites with vids, and very well done ones too - worth becoming a member of, or just visiting -

this site belongs to Bethany Dailey - tons of free patterns and all things loomy! She also has a yahoo group that has some amazing things in it! Please check it out. She is on the FB loom group all the time, and responds quickly!

Here is Kristen at GoodKnitStitches (2) this is her blogspot, and below that her video channel

This is Kristen's youtube channel. She makes amazing videos, most on the KKs, but also Martha Stewart loom, etc. Tons of how-tos, and she has an amazing stitch (vid) directory, Starts at the beginning KKs round and longloom, and then goes way beyond, all in full color!It is loomilicious! Tons of patterns also! -

And Here is Virginia - Simply Intertwined - homey, makes great vids,
If you plug in Simply Intertwined on youtube search, there is a host of videos.

Come for sure, to (over 500!) loomers on facebook!

Hope to see you! Jen

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