I'm 12 and my grandma is teaching me to make a hat on the loom, so i got to about the 8th time around and i missed a stitch so i gave it to grandma to fix but somewhere when she was giving it back to me 3 stitches came out and i'm laughing so hard that i think i'm about to cry and my little sister comes over and says "i can fix it" but she just took out all the stitches, grandma is laughing because i'm just about to cry and my little sister is standing with her hands on her hips and saying that she did good. I finally stopped laughing a took it all out to start over. Then I messed up on my second time so i had to start over, but today i'm finishing the one that i messed up on. ( this happened Dec. 1 late night and today is Dec. 3)

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