What size loom do I use for a baby hat, a child, a teenager?

I'm new to this. The small loom - 5 in in diameter seems very small for a 6 month old baby and the next size , 7 in in diameter seems big for a child! Help?!

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Sep 11, 2015
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by: Garson

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Jan 17, 2012
Another size question! NEW
by: Anonymous

What size (diameter) are the looms you mentioned? My looms are from Muchael's and the small is green, med. Is purple, next is orange and the largest is pink. Thank you for your help!

Jan 17, 2012
loom sizes for hats NEW
by: Anonymous

I was confused about sizes of looms to use too. After experimenting, I now use the red loom for baby hats, the green loom for ages 2-10 (even though this loom looks too large for such young children, the hats come out ok because I tend to loom knit tightly--the hats kind of "shrink" as they are being made), the purple 48 peg hat loom for adult women's hats and ages 10 to teens, and the yellow loom for adult men's hats. The 24 peg blue loom is too small even for baby hats (unless it's for a premature baby). The type of yarn also factors in when choosing which loom to use. Just my 2 cents...

Dec 09, 2011
hat looms help NEW
by: Alena

I think you should try at least 6 parameter. Your baby would look good. Don't worry just go on. I am a designer at 500 Babies and I face similar situation some times.
Alena @ http://www.500babies.com/

Dec 08, 2011
by: Susie

I am still not clear as to size for a 7-8 yr old child or a baby. The looms I have are 5", 7" and 91/2". The 5" seems too small for a 6-8 mo old baby and the 7" seems to small for a 7-8 yr. old. The 91/2" will probalby work for an adult. Is there a 6" or 8" available for purchase anywhere? HELP WITH SIZES!!

Dec 06, 2011
hat looms NEW
by: Marsha

What type of yarn are you going to use to make these hats? For a baby upto 6 months you are going to want to use a sport weight or even a baby yarn anyway particularly a 3weighted yarn. Then you can use the smaller loom for that, unless your child has a larger head than most. Yarn stretches. A child or a teenager use a worsted weight or #4 weight yarn and use the little bit larger loom. If you use a larger loom on the baby make the hat longer and roll up the ends of project into a cuff and that will keep the hat on the babies head.

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