What to make with a large round loom?

by Amy

I am extremely knew to loom knitting, in fact I just bought my loom set today. I bought the Boye round loom set, and have already completed a hat using the smallest (green) loom.

The set I bought came with extremely minimal instructions, basically only to knit hats using only the two smallest looms. My question is what are the larger looms used for? Does anyone have any advice for a good beginner's project using the larger looms?

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Aug 13, 2011
you are a member LOL!
by: jen!!!

Someone remembers seeing your hair! LOL! just search it again - or you will also find a link on your home page and/or under your groups! Also, if you go there a lot (like I do) it will show up on your home page on the left -
But you should be able to find it there anyway - look to the left under groups - Hurry up! LOL!


Aug 13, 2011
Loom Group
by: Misti

Hi there!

Here is our group address, It looks like you were using the group email address and well, that wont work at all to get in..lol Hopefully you are able to get in. I will be looking for a request :) You will love our group. Sorry you are having a hard time getting in.

Aug 13, 2011
FB group addy 8/13/11 fri nite
by: jen

Amy - our admin (misti) says she doesn't see your name to add - here is the page address -


Aug 12, 2011
facebook group
by: Anonymous

Hi Jen!

I requested to join the group last week, but haven't gotten a response yet :(

I just now resubmitted my request, hopefully it goes through this time!

Aug 09, 2011
Amy where r u ?
by: Jen!

Been looking for you on FB knifty knitter/loom creations
did you find this group?
Haven't seen any purple hair in the avatars yet!

(It's an open group)Come soon!

Aug 09, 2011
Amy/ Henderson LargeLooms
by: Jen

Hey Amy! I have been watching for you on knifty knitter/loom creations (FB) and haven't seen you! - hope you are still going to check in!


Aug 04, 2011
What to make with a large round loom?
by: jen


I will look for you there! LOL!

I didn't think of FB either, at first - but on a whim tried it in the group search - (when you are new to it, and no one is looming mear you, you just don't think of it!

But, it was there! and amazing! and interactive and answers to questions come fast. I also went to Ravelry.com. and found a group that met near here - (that I never got too, only because of job/time)

But you might check around the Henderson area - it's fun to sit around with a bunh of yarn addicts - or loom addicts!

Check your yarn shops, even if you buy at Walmart (price) very often they have a coffe group, etc, if you are looking for that -

See ya on facebook! (I lived in Az over the dam for 5 years - was thru Henderson a lot!

Good looming!


Aug 04, 2011
by: Amy

Thanks Jen!

That is just what I'm looking for. Silly me, I didn't even think of facebook!

I just requested to join your group. It's easy to spot which one is me, I have purple hair!

Thanks for the warm welcome and the advice!!!

Aug 04, 2011
What to make with a large round loom?
by: Jen

Hi Amy (from reno, Nv) Bet it is Hot down there right now! LOL!

Congrats on your looms, and there are tons of things you can make - scarves, hats, leg and wrist warmers, fingerless mitts, cowls. socks and slippers - diaper covers, baby coccoon sacks, booties, etc!s

The larger looms I would use for shawls, blankets, sweaters, skirts even -

the smaller looms, and the bloom loom (12 peg) and the spool loom (5 and 8 peg ) make the wonderful smaller hats, mitts, warmers, booties, I cords, etc. If you have access to facebook, there is a group of wonderful loom addicts under
knifty knitter/loom creations
(350+ of us!) and there is tons of help and pictures and patterns and any question gets answered, or where to go -

There are also several different stitches you will be getting into - that are fun and easy - plus discussions of different looms, socks,long looms. who's got new looms coming out. It is REALLY worth it! - we are all addicts! I have been looming since mid january - and am totally fascinated! And Fall and winter are coming up, which makes this the perfect time for you to be starting!

Also, with the round looms, you can do "flat" panels - (like for blankets, shawls, dishcloths, etc. Not everything (like purses, bags, etc) are "in the round" - but the bigger round looms are great for this treatment. Also, just about any yarn works, and we have a couple people looming rag rugs out of material strips -

The sky and your imagination is the limit!
Also, All the loom/websites/blog people are on it, and all the new books etc are mentioned.

If you are doing stuff for little kids, or want to see some patterns availble. go to Bethany Dailey's site - (search Bethany Dailey+looming) she has an incredible book coming out for looming for kids - diaper covers to pants to all kinds of things!

Come join us on facebook! (at the above group name) -
Lool for my avatar there - (it's a bard sitting on a flower against a nite sky, playing a stringed instrument - graphic)
Hope to see you there!


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