Which loom and gauge best for #4 worsted weight yarn Dr. Who scarf?

by Dazzle
(Vancouver Island, Canada)

I am knitting a Dr. Who scarf and want to use #4 worsted weight. Since the scarf is so long and so much work I want to be sure I start out with the right tool for the best results. Also want to be able to use the loom for other projects in future.

I can't afford to spend a lot of money on this so I haunt the thrift stores for wool. I would buy a loom the same way but they only ever have the large gauge looms. I'm in Canada so shipping adds considerably to the cost of buying online, but none of the local stores have a loom with a regular or small gauge.

After much of my own research I am down to the Universal Hat and Scarf Loom from CinDWood, with the 1/2" gauge, or the KB Sock Loom 2 with it's 3/8" gauge, both from online sources. The CinDWood will cost more due to the shipping cost. I am open to other loom suggestions besides these.

A few questions I have are:

How well does a flat panel knit up on the KB sock loom 2?
Do the corners cause any difficulty?

Will the worsted knit up loose on the 1/2" gauge CinDWood?
How well does the panel wedge work for using this loom to knit various sizes in the round?

Has anyone else here knit the Doctor Who scarf on a loom?

Here is some info on the Doctor Who scarf:

Any advice is welcome and much appreciated.

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