Which size loom?

I'm planning on making a hat for myself. I have 4 Boye round knitting looms. The largest is yellow (11.5 in.), the second largest is green (9.5 in.) , the third one is red (7.5 in.), and the smallest is blue (5.5 in.). I tried making a hat for practice using the red loom (it is supposed to be young childrens' size), but it didn't even fit a two-year-old. Should I use the largest one, even though that size is extra large? Maybe these looms aren't really meant to make hats because my head is 22.5 in. around, and that isn't even close to the largest loom's circumference? Also, does it matter what kind of yarn I use? Can someone give suggestions?

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Dec 20, 2013
Hat and Head Sizing NEW
by: Anonymous

The smallest hat size is for premature babies and dolls. The next size up would be for babies. It sounds like the one you used would be the average baby size. The next size up is for children between ages 2-11 or so, and you can wind or wrap the yarn on the inner peg for smaller size and on the outer peg line for the larger size. I have a 7 year old and a 9 year old. Both boys. I would use the second largest loom for their hats, and since my head is not much larger, I might be able to wrap the outer peg line for myself and make myself a hat. For you, use the largest or second largest loom.

The loom that will fit your head should actually go over your head and almost be able to go down around your neck. That's how you'll know you have the correct size for your head. My 7 year old is using the second largest loom and it goes down around his neck like a necklace. My 11-yr-old niece has tested this and no smaller loom size fits for her. Good luck, and have fun!

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