Worked real hard

by Gloria
(Vista, ca)

My daughter loomed a hat for my father and after he wore it twice it was all stretched out it won't bounce back into shape what could've happen

We are new to looming and she wants to make hats for homeless but now she is so discouraged! Any ideas?

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Jan 29, 2017
Worked real hard NEW
by: Jen Tavernier

Hi There!

Unfortunately, since we can't post pics, I don't know what yarn or size, or how many strands you are using.

If it is acrylic yarn, just throw it in the washer, and it will tighten right up if it is stretched out.

I would suggest that you go to Facebook, search Loom Groups, (There are several!) and join them all! (we are on most of them.) Great place for pics, questions, tips, patterns, see what others are doing, loom news, etc.

Crazy mad loomers, (all kinds), and you and she will have a blast! It is a great loom world.

Two good ones off the top of my head are Knifty knitter loom group, and Goodknit kisses. They are ALL totally fun, some more active than others. Hope this helps, and don't forget Youtube! (Start any search with Loom knit.... it will get you to loom knitting instead of general needle knitting. (Ie: Loom knit hat+stiches stretched out, too loose, etc.) Or how to know what the best link (or how many strands) of yarn to use, or the right size loom. Another great sight for specs, and worth checking all the topics and info, is:......

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